This Week’s Share – Accounting

This Week’s Share is updated every weekend. Under the report are the Editorial Board’s comments on the past week.

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Share Course in analysis Latest course Development NOTE
TerraNet 0.738 1.70 130.35% 1.74
To suspect 1,176 1,758 49.49% 2.30
Adverty 10.65 13.90 30.52% 11.50
Eurobattery Minerals 18.95 24.70 30.34% 24.00
Ziccum 18.90 24.30 28.57% 34.40
Investor 530.00 614.40 15.92% 625.00
iApotek 1,615 th most common 1.82 12.69% 1,870 th most common
Stenocare 16.40 18.12 10.49% 22.10
Bubbles 3.00 3.17 5.67% 3.89
LIDDS 13.20 13.85 4.92% 16.65
Metacon 7.45 7.81 4.83% 7.81
Chordate Medical 0.45 0.440 -2.22% 0.52
Sensec 0.675 0.642 -4.89% 0.744
Parans Solar Lighting 14.75 14.00 -5.08% 15.10
Isofol Medical 27.50 25.00 -9.09% 30.40
Aptahem 1,512 1,374 -9.13% 1.53
ZignSec 21.50 19.49 -9.35% 22.76
LightAir 4.85 4.38 -9.69% 5.00
Eurocine Vaccines 9.40 8.05 -14.36% 14,800
Spectracure 18.91 16.18 -14.44% 20.76
Prolight 2,605 2.20 -15.55% 2.85
Klaria Pharma 7.10 5.98 -15.77% 7.10
Lipidor 12.99 10.94 -15.78% 14.70
Corline Biomedical 18.00 14.75 -18.06% 21.10
Front Ventures 2.32 1.83 -21.12% 3.16
Dicot 1,455 1,005 -30.93% 2.58
Abelco 0.174 0.100 -42.53% 0.174
Medivir 14.70 7.80 -46.94% 17.30
QuickBit 11.85 5.40 -54.43% 12.46
Index 8.05 1.70 -78.88% 9.38

Stock of the Week – Portfolio

The editorial staff at Finanstid has great confidence in their readers and therefore invests SEK 10,000 in each week’s share that is published. Below we describe that portfolio.

Invested capital Present value Development in%
300 070 SEK 290 559 SEK -3.17%


Week 4
Clausin makes his debut with great success

It’s a bit of a roller coaster in Veckans Aktie Index, now we are down in the red again after a rather sour week for our shares but there are no glimmers of light at all!

We got a debutant for our successful gang through Sebastian Clausin who analyzed Metacon as his first contribution to the concept. A very thorough analysis and the market did not wait, the share was up 4.83% at closing but was still a bit higher during the first trading day as Veckans Aktie.

As I said, it was a rather sour development for the shares in our concept, but one that went against the flow was Adverty, which announced a collaboration with Verizon Media and rushed up to a third place, fun for the share that has been on a plus since the first day and now gives in line with the really successful analyzes, third place this week with an increase of 30.52% in total.

The big disappointment this week was QuickBit. The company issued a profit warning ahead of the next quarterly report, which showed that the good profit rate that could have been reported at around SEK 30 million per quarter, has largely been completely eradicated. The major reason for this large loss is referred to the company’s efforts to weight the business more towards the consumer market. QuickBit still struggles with major problems communicating with the market in a trustworthy way and each public statement creates more question marks than they straighten out. QuickBit plummeted by more than 18% on the profit warning. Of course, the large price drop brought with it some of the holding companies that QuickBit has, for this week’s share it is Front Ventures and Abelco.

With that, we at the editorial office wish our readers a really good weekend and a really nice upcoming stock market week.


Week 3
The portfolio turns to PLUS and TerraNet stands out from the rest

Yes, now we are on the right side again, not with much but still on the right side, nice.

This week’s contribution, which was the tech company Adverty, which sells advertising in mobile games, did not disappoint, 7.98% increase already on the first trading day, very interesting and the Editors really recommend you to read this analysis.

TerraNet already led last week with an increase of over 100% (for the first time since the start of the concept), this week it pulls away with another 35% up to 135.77% increase, absolutely fantastic and right now it is completely unthreatened in the list. Other climbers were Eurobattey who climbed up to a fourth place in the list, also Klaria Pharma and Bublar had a really good week even though none of these came over the edge to plus.

The decrease also this week was Index which announced a new issue at a price of SEK 1.20 per share and for each share held you have to subscribe for five new shares, this makes for a large dilution and we will probably land roughly on that subscription price before it can turn around up again.

We wish you a pleasant weekend!


Week 2
Small movements in the portfolio – first Week’s share over 100% rise!

Dear followers of Sweden’s most interesting forum for reader analysis, then it was time to update again.

The week has been permeated by strong movements in individual shares while the total moved marginally, unfortunately we went down to negative again by -0.29%, no problem to recover to next week.

The most positive thing was TerraNet, which received the first orders from a previously communicated framework agreement and had an incredibly strong week, when the smoke and fog settled on Friday afternoon, the share stood as a new leader with a development of 101.22%! You can read the entire press release about the trigger that triggered the price increase here.

Things went worse for InDex and Chordate. The former announced a new issue at a subscription price far below the existing rate and Chordate’s migraine research was again hampered due to Covid-19. Both shares received serious blows.

This week’s contribution was Parans Solar Lightning, which had a good first day with an increase of 2.37%.

Now we are taking a weekend and looking forward to next week which will be exciting in so many ways.


Week 1
The portfolio runs like a train – Turns to a plus and this week’s contribution gets off to a great start.

Good continuation dear followers of the nation’s most interesting concept for reader analysis! This four-day week became a blue story in many respects, both Veckans Aktie’s portfolio and all indices had an incredibly good start to the year.

This year’s first contribution, which came from the Facebook forum Aktieinwest, got off to a real start. Isofol Medical increased by as much as 6.91% on the first trading day as Veckans Aktie. It is really starting to become more the rule than the exception that they increase significantly on the first trading day. It is perhaps not so strange, with more than 40,000 curious subscribers to Finanstid , who sit and wait every Friday at 08.00, analyzes have an impact on the market in a way that few other channels have, especially well-written analyzes.

This week’s equities portfolio took the opportunity to turn positive. On 27 different analyzed shares, the total portfolio is now up by just over one percent and it is great to see the blue numbers in the accounts again, now we will hopefully not have to see red numbers again.

It is the constant peaks that pull away further! Attana, Ziccum and TerraNet have been fighting for the top positions for a very long time and they are still the ones pulling up there at the top, a newer analysis that got involved in the game is Stenocare which was analyzed just before the turn of the year, close to 35% up is not crazy at all shorten the time!
Attana is experiencing great success with its technology and the new issue ghost that is loaded is like blown away, it is starting to approach a doubling of the value since analysis. TerraNet received a call-off order launched late on Friday afternoon and the share pulled away, the question is whether the rise is ready for this time or if there is more to give, we believe in the latter as the rise only had an hour.

Now we take a weekend and look forward to an equally nice next week!

Nice weekend!


Week 53
Incredibly strong year-end!

The portfolio jumped up a full 4% in the last three days of the stock market year! Only a few of the 26 shares analyzed declined during the week. Unfortunately we were not allowed to stay at plus but stay at -2.52%, but we pick it up in week 1 with a little flow.

The brightest star was Attana, who sailed up to a clear first place with an increase of 66.67% since analysis. This despite the fact that the previous leaders Ziccum and TerraNet did not have a bad week at all, but they also had good upswings. Attana has just completed a successful new issue and in the middle of the last days of that activity, articles were widely in the press about breakthroughs. Finanstid also wrote an article about the breakthrough, which can be read at this link. In addition to this, Finanstid had a major interview with Attana’s CEO Teodor Aastrup on December 15, which can be read in its entirety here. Already there, the company hinted that the breakthrough is probably imminent, very exciting reading about our new leader.
It would also be wrong not to mention QuickBit who had to leave the jumbo seat after a very strong short week, it remains to be seen if that recovery can continue. It is worth mentioning that the companies that have ownership interests in QuickBit such as Front Ventures and Abelco have not increased to the same extent as QuickBit, there may be a retroactive increase in these securities in the coming week.

We did not get any real buoyancy this week and we are grateful for that!

With this, we put 2020 behind us and look forward to a hopefully really good stock market year 2021.


Week 52
Short week and no Share of the week – Recovery in the portfolio

This Christmas week was pretty undramatic. As usual, no new contribution will be published if the stock exchange is closed on Friday, which it was last week.

The portfolio recovered just over one percent and is now at -6.42%.

Profit-taking and realization transactions continued this short week, no stock stood out significantly on the downside, but LightAir did on the upside!
LightAir sailed to the top of the list with an increase of 29% on the week. The reason is that the equipment is currently being tested for whether it can clear airborne virus, which the first studies indicate, it would of course be an incredible breakthrough in the fight against Covid 19.

We will not be long-winded this week but let our readers review their portfolios, do not forget to read all the analyzes, many of them are as relevant today as when they were published.
We are now looking forward to the final week of the year, which is also only three days open on the stock exchange.

The editorial staff wishes you a good continuation!


Week 51
Good start again for this week’s contributions, realizations and warrants

Now there are only 6 trading days left in this year. A year that in so many ways has been strange and unpredictable. At the beginning of the year, when the extent of the pandemic became known, the plug went off properly and only a short time later began a rarely seen recovery and now we see a wave two in Sweden, which means that virtually no one dares to make a real statement. It will be quite nice to put the stock market year 2020 behind us, even though there have been lots of opportunities to do good business.

Jennifer Berntsson was responsible for this week’s contribution Stenocare, a Danish company that works with medical cannabis. In the usual order when it is published, we also got a taste start in this with an increase of as much as 3.66% already on the first trading day.

The portfolio as a whole lost slightly to -7.68% and we will explain a little why when we take up those who dropped the most for the week.

Some of the bright spots were Sensec which had a nice end to the week, much thanks to rumors of acquisitions, we will see if there will be any confirmation of that rumor in the coming week. Another climber was TerraNet who had a fantastic Friday without any clear course-driven information, finishing in third place, strong! Finally, we take another Berntsson analysis, namely LightAir, which with its technology for air purification can have a massive impact in combating the spread of Covid-19.

Three of those who did the worst during the week all have some connections to each other in terms of ownership, but that is not what triggers the biggest negative effect, but something completely different. QuickBit has both Front Ventures and Abelco as owners, Front Ventures owns a considerable part of QuickBit and Abelco considerably smaller but still significant. Of course, a bad week for QuickBit affects both of them, but why did QuickBit go weak? The largest part of the answer is spelled “Warrants”! At the listing of QuickBit in August last year, the shares were sold as so-called units with warrants. These warrants now expire in December and it would be foolhardy not to subscribe as the subscription price is approximately 50% of the current price. The problem is that many are fully invested also in the ordinary share and the effect will then be that you have to sell ordinary shares to subscribe through the options. Of course it is a good deal to do so, you sell one share and subscribe for the same amount two new ones. The problem is that if many do it at the same time, it affects the price of the ordinary share, which then also affects the price of both Front Ventures and Abelco. To top it all off, Abelco has just gone through the same process with its subscription rights. There you have a large part of the answer to the development, we expect a real recovery in all these shares soon. To top it all off, Abelco has just gone through the same process with its subscription rights. There you have a large part of the answer to the development, we expect a real recovery in all these shares soon. To top it all off, Abelco has just gone through the same process with its subscription rights. There you have a large part of the answer to the development, we expect a real recovery in all these shares soon.

As always, December is a moody month, those who do not have an ISK account may need to realize gains or losses to adjust the tax and some do not want to sit in shares over the turn of the year. I do not think it has been very clear this year, but as I said, nothing has been quite as usual this year.

In the Christmas week, the week’s share is issued, which makes this the last of the year, and we will take new steps next year!

With hopes that you will have a really wonderful Christmas weekend despite all restrictions!


Week 50
Volatile this week and this week’s contribution gets a taste start

Best fans of this week’s Share!

It was a volatile week despite the end result being only a few percent down to -7.15. The week started really weak and a great recovery happened at the end but there were big differences.

This week’s contribution Lipidor from Joakim Åberg got off to a fantastic start (in the usual order when it comes to Veckans Aktie) and stayed at +4.85%, making it actually the best share of the week. No new information other than that the article was well distributed, further proof of the impact Finanstid’s concept has on the market, but the share receives the greatest help once it is on the list and is followed up regularly by Finanstid’s editorial staff.

The worst this week was Medivir and the reason is that they announced a new issue, which created a sales chill. On Friday, the share lost over 20% and it is really down, even the Index has had a bad period for the same reason, the new issue chill.

Only a few weeks left before we can tie together this strange year 2020.

Have a nice weekend, the Editors!


Week 49
iApotek became the Share of the Week when the Editor got to choose

It was a week without major movements or events, Veckans Aktie-Index fell two percent to -5.41 in total.

This Week’s Share was Finanstids Redaktör Mattias Ahlberg’s third. This time it was the online pharmacy iApotek that was seen in the seams and Ahlberg bases his analysis very much on a big trigger that can become a reality during the second quarter of 2021. The first trading day was as usual good and the share went up by 2.79%.

Zignsec and Chordate were the best during the week. None of them with really any course-driven information. In Chordate’s case, it should be added that it was a rush during closing that made it yesterday’s winner, can it continue on Monday?

SpectraCure accounted for the largest decline and there was no price-driven information either, but the stock is very volatile and nothing for those with weak nerves.

QuickBit continued its upswing and despite the market being updated on the company’s rollout of cards, apps and also “QuickBit Merchant”, the share is being penalized by the market. The lack of a clear resource that communicates with the market and really keeps track of both the company’s figures but above all is really familiar and up to date in fintech is painfully clear.
If you look at it from the other side, you can think about how far down a company can fall in market value when you earn over SEK 100 million per year and are under development.
It’s easy to forget that QuickBit is a real success story and has few opponents, if any, regardless of industry when it comes to making money on MTF charts. It’s also easy to forget that the stock is still a good chunk more than 100% plus since listing, not bad at all!

With this, we wish you a really nice weekend and look forward to a new stock market week!


Week 48
Very good end to the week

Time is running out now that Christmas is approaching, let’s hope that the negative trend with Covid-19 is broken before Christmas and thus the fear and uncertainty.

This week’s contribution was Aptahem, which is another extremely interesting biotech company, we recommend reading the entire well-written analysis from one of our most ambitious reader analysts. The stock made +1.19% on the first trading day, which bodes well for the future.

The climber of the week was Bublar, who after a juicy PM took a giant shot with over 28% up on Friday, Bublar has had to take some beatings and been exposed to market skepticism but makes many sensible decisions and pushes himself forward in a good way.

The drop this week was InDex Pharmaceuticals, which announced that more capital will be needed in the coming years. They covered the message quite well with some positive information as well, but it was not enough and the company was severely punished by the market. Hopefully we saw an overreaction and that an upward rebound may come in the coming week.

The portfolio as a whole dropped marginally to -3.51 but what Friday we were treated to or how about this: Bubbles over 28%, SpectraCure, Ziccum, Eurobattery, QuickBit and LIDDS, all with gains over 5%!

Now we close this week and enjoy the weekend and look forward to next week.


Week 47
Real shark share selected for the Week’s Share

Good people! We will renew the weekly reporting of the accounts somewhat. It will henceforth focus on the week’s latest analysis, a little about the development of the portfolio and information about “runners”, ie real climbers in the list and also the equivalent of this week’s losers. In the last two cases, it will also be with the causes of the big changes, often through links.

Yes, it was a real “people’s share” that was seen in the seams this week. SpectraCure is as talked about as interesting, anyone who reads the analysis understands why, just over one percent on the first trading day and a lot of talk about the analysis out there on the forums. We really recommend reading the analysis and finding out which triggers can turn the paper into a rocket.

The portfolio as a whole lost a few percent but nothing serious. Barely – 3% is the portfolio now and we look forward to being on the plus again.

The real climber was on the last trading day of the week and during the very last hour. It was ZignSec who in the late afternoon released a memo about continued cooperation and a new million deal with this German large customer, it made the share shine and the question is whether it has shine clearly or if it will continue on Monday? Link to press release here.

This week’s buoy sink was unfortunately QuickBit, which came out with a quarterly report, a week late and with an open session to present and answer questions about the report. The report itself was not particularly negative but quite in line with what most people had anticipated, but the presentation and the session where the management would answer questions about the report became a complete disaster. The management was deplorably ill-prepared and sat and read beforehand and there was a shortage of particularly exhaustive answers to questions. The experience is that QuickBit completely lacks someone who can sell the company and its business concept and that self-confidence is not at its peak.


Week 46
Small movements upwards in total, but some twitch nicely

This week we had a debutant for this concept as an analyst, but it is certainly not a pigeon on analyzes. Although Hasse Hamid has mainly made himself known as a technical analyst, he shows with his debut that he handles fundamental analysis excellently as well. Unfortunately a slight decline on the first trading day but we will take it again next week. A nice gesture from the company Klaria Pharma that was analyzed was that they themselves released a memo about the matter. The entire PM can be read here.

In total, the portfolio moved only 0.21% upwards to -0.61%, but it was two shares that really stood out to the positive. It was Abelco that completely peppered the market with press releases this week and to that it has been Eurocine Vaccines that has sailed extremely up to a second place.

With this we take weekend for this week and hope for a nice coming week, triggers are not missing!


Week 45
Small movements upwards, Ziccum up in first place, small recovery

Despite quite large fluctuations in the portfolio during the week, so when the smoke settled, we did not have huge movements in the total. We saw a small recovery and we are now close to zero again on the portfolio. It ended at -0.82%.

We also had a change of throne and it was Ziccum who, after a number of good news, completely sailed up, past Attana and to first place.

This week’s contribution was also a very happy surprise! Eurocine Vaccines, which according to the analysis was oversold and forgotten, showed that on the first trading day, already 10 minutes after Friday’s opening, the share was up over 20%, the closing day with an increase of 13.83%.
This is starting to become a habit for Veckans Aktie and that is exactly the reason why it is directly profitable to sign up for Finanstid’s newsletter, our readers get to know this before the rest of the market.

So do not be one step behind but one step ahead and sign up for the newsletter today!

Nice weekend!


Week 44
Another blood-red week, but this week’s contribution delivers over 15% on the first trading day

The portfolio got to see another week of slaughter, but like week 43, Friday went strong and saved up a bit. Not least because Veckans Aktie this week Chordate Medical, which is Joakim Åberg’s sixth analysis, rose by as much as 15.56% already during the first trading day! A rocket ride up to fourth place, now we hope it stays up there. Regardless, the portfolio went down to negative numbers in total for the first time since the start.

The attentive has seen that a new column has been introduced in the report “NOTE”. The reason for this report is to show what potential development the portfolio could have if an active trading was used. A calculation will come next week, but those who are hungry for the result can count themselves until then.

Now we put this red week behind us and look forward with excitement to next week which has a very influential ingredient we are not used to, the presidential election.

Have a nice weekend from Finanstids Redaktion!


Week 43
Tough week but with a really strong ending and Veckans Aktie jumped up almost 9% on the first trading day.

It was time for the Editor-in-Chief Mattias Ahlberg to sharpen the pen and embark on an analysis for the second time in the concept Veckans Aktie. This time it was the security company Sensec Holding that was mentioned to be visible in the seams. The effect was noticeable, without any other triggers, Sensec went up 8.89% already the first day. The analysis is based on the fact that there is a lot of potential with limited risk, very worth reading, do not miss it!

Otherwise, the portfolio had an extremely tough week the first 4 days with broad declines but recovered somewhat during Friday. In total, the development of the portfolio is now a total of 1.28% , dangerously close to zero. Hopefully we can see some pickup in the coming week.

The editors wish our loyal readers a really nice weekend and recharge their batteries for a new stock market week on Monday.


Week 42
Slightly backwards for the week and read about the company that made Leif GW open his wallet

Last week’s stock Abelco had a really successful first week with big falls and recoveries. That there was a fall height was already described in the analysis, but one would not have thought that it would be so much. After a good Thursday, at least the share remained at around 8% negative, which was about the same as after the first trading day.

Otherwise, it was a rather boring week for the shares in the portfolio, in total the total fell by about 2% and landed at +5.51%. What stood out was the Bublar Group, which made good progress all week and has already climbed to fourth place in the list with an increase of over 23%.

This Week’s Stock was Jennifer Berntsson’s third analysis (who also wrote Bublar) and it was a tech stock that made Leif GW Persson really open his wallet when it was listed on the stock exchange quite exactly a year ago. How it went? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like GW aint for me either. From the listing price, it has risen by around 200% and seems to have much more to offer.
Do not miss this exciting analysis! The first trading day offered an increase of 1.77%.

With this, the Editors wish all readers a wonderful weekend and look forward to a wonderful next week!


Week 41
Small movements and the third investment company up for analysis

Dear readers of Sweden’s most growing analysis concept, hope you have a fantastic Saturday with the opportunity for recovery.

This week has been permeated by rather small movements. Up there at the top, Attana and Ziccum are vying for first place, TerraNet is still going very strong and Front Venture continues its climb even though fourth place remains since last week.

This Week’s Share became Abelco Investment Group and it was the editor – in – chief himself who took the pen this week. Now it did not get the start we had hoped for and it can be somewhat difficult to run a stock that has made a 100% rise in a short time, we believe that in the long run it is a good investment and that it is very hidden values ​​in the company after the merger with Fatfish.

The portfolio moved down just over one percent, which can be considered ok considering that Abelco lost over 5% the first day, we will do that again next week! The portfolio has increased in value by more than SEK 14,000.

We wish you a pleasant weekend at Redaktionen!


Week 40
Front Venture revenge itself with information and an exciting gaming share as this week’s share

Good Saturday!
If last week’s compilation went in minor, it is the exact opposite this week, the portfolio takes a real shot up to close to 10% and we will tell you why.

The big difference is Front Ventures, which was the very first share to be named Share of the Week, it really dipped then and has not since managed to rise to the plus side. And so now, in just one week, it goes up and settles in fourth place with a total increase of more than 23%. If you want to know why, just search for the company name on Finanstid and there are a bunch of articles that explain, feel free to read the analysis again as well.

Bublar Group, which was analyzed by Jennifer Berndtsson, was nominated as the Share of the Week, a really well-written and clear analysis of an exciting share in the hyped gaming industry. Very many shareholders have made the analysis read a record amount on the first day and the price for the first trading day was also up over 2%, which has begun to become a tradition for Veckans Aktie.

A very exciting value to keep track of is how large a part of the portfolio is plus and minus and in this report 11 out of 15 are on the plus side after both Front Venture and Medivir left the negative red color.

The attentive also sees that we have upgraded the cover image for the report.

The editorial staff wishes all our loyal readers a fantastic weekend!


Week 39
Sour stock market week for Share of the Week

Good Saturday dear readers!

Apart from the fact that we did not manage to put together any analysis this week that held the measure, which is extremely unsatisfactory, the portfolio had a rather dull week as most of the paper went sideways or backwards.
Attana went against the flow, which revenge itself properly and regained first place with almost 70% increase.

The portfolio as a whole declined by a few percent but is still at a stable plus over eight percent since the start.

Have a nice weekend, Finanstids Redaktion!


Week 38
New candidate at the top of the throne and fifth analysis from Åberg

Yes you read that right, Joakim Åberg has delivered his fifth Veckans Aktie and in fact, if you have 3 of the top 4 on the list, you do not need to be ashamed, on the contrary! Very interesting analysis and the share went up by 4.41% already on the first trading day and is in seventh place.

Major movements in general were that Dicot, which was last week’s rocket, lost speed and sank back but is still at a nice +28.52%. TerraNet went violently strong and so did the faithful servant Attana, they are both in second and third place. Ziccum went up and took first place, which means that the Åberg analyzes solve each other at the top. Ziccum staying at +66.14% this week.

The portfolio declined slightly but is still at double digits with + 10.69%. As we explained earlier, it is becoming increasingly difficult with more shares in the portfolio to maintain a high average return.

We wish you a pleasant weekend at Finanstid!


Week 37
Change of throne, roar candidate and concept giant

Dear readers,
If last week was boring, week 37 became all the more dramatic. At portfolio level, the development doubles up to +11.91% on a total of 13 shares, which is very good.

To begin with, we had a change of throne, it is Dicot who had a crazy strong week and runs around everyone else from his third place and sits at the top, by a margin! Dicot has had a completely crazy 77% increase since the analysis was released.

We have finally received a much-anticipated share for the concept. It is about the fintech company QuickBit which has an extremely committed circle of owners and in less than a day the analysis had over 3,000 unique readings, the trend continues on Saturday. Enormous interest. Do not miss that analysis!

We have lifted him before but there is not enough praise for Joakim Åberg. He’s a bit like Veckans Aktie’s equivalent of the melody festival’s Thomas G: son, or what about this track record? In 4 analyzes out of 13 in total, Åberg has places 1,2 & 4. These are Dicot, Ziccum and TerraNet. The fourth Eurobattery is second last. In total, those who backed Joakim have a return on their capital, which means an increase of about 35% in invested capital, despite the fact that Eurobattery has lost about 16% of its analysis value.

The promised changes to the report will be next weekend as there will be a completely new layout of the presentation.



Week 36
Very small movements in the portfolio

This week has been permeated by a negative trend, only Dicot and Attana went against the flow but very little, these two are fighting for the second place while Ziccum is very confident at the top.

Engblom, which was previously responsible for the analysis of Medivir, submitted its second Share of the Week. Engblom is very familiar with pharmaceutical companies and in this company, InDex Pharmaceutical, he has even sat on the board, albeit a few years ago. A very exciting analysis of a company that may be on the verge of a major break-up with several triggers in the near future.

The portfolio declined in single digits in growth figures but remains at +5.27%, which can be considered a decent average.

New from next week’s report is that the highest prices of all shares after analysis will be presented. Next week’s share will most likely be a real super share that Finanstid has been waiting a long time to get an analysis of, we will let it be a cliffhanger there until Friday morning.

With that, we wish you readers a really nice weekend!

Week 35
Calm week and bad timing

The past week has not offered any startling movements for the portfolio. Those who stand out with decent rises for the week are the old mourning child Front Ventures who takes a good step up and also Dicot climbed nicely this week. Ziccum and Attana stand almost still at their high levels. What is worth mentioning about Front Ventures is that the company’s largest holding QuickBit had a fantastically good Friday which has not yet been reflected in Front Ventures’ share price, the expectations are also that QuickBit will continue to develop positively next week.

We had a premiere analyst this week who could hardly have had a much worse start to his career. The company LightAir, which reported yesterday, revealed a couple of lines of authorization to the board to finance by increasing the number of shares. This caused the market to react incredibly strongly and the share plummeted uncontrolled after the report. According to Redaktionen på Finanstid, it was a real overreaction as it is actually only an authorization and not a decided new issue. The analysis has a good fundamental basis and we believe that it is as good today as before the report, a recovery is highly likely, which means that there could be a buying position in the share at these levels. In any case, we do not feel any concern about the portfolio due to the first trading day’s race.

The development in the portfolio went down slightly to now + 10.97% , still extremely impressive.

With that said, Finanstids Redaktion wishes our readers a really good weekend and we charge the batteries for a new interesting stock market week.


Week 34
Åberg’s fourth analysis and the portfolio climbs

Joakim Åberg comes in with his fourth analysis and after the track record he showed with the first three, no one dares to stand outside? Very true and traditional for Veckans Aktie, Eurobattery Minerals also went up on its first trading day by as much as 2.9% and lands directly on a sixth place in the list.

Attana loses 10% but is still in second place but now another Åberg analysis comes up and it is Dicot who had a very nice week.

Last week’s new leader also had another demonic week with an increase of around 24% and is now up by as much as 74.07% since analysis, crazy good!

The portfolio climbed a little further and is now up to just under 14% on average on 10 shares, incredibly good. A few more have gone down on red numbers and now 7/10 shares are on the plus side, a small setback but it is just on the other side of the dividing line so we will have to fight it up next week!


Week 33
Change of throne and incredibly strong development in the portfolio

We have thought that after the insane start, Attana would stand as an unthreatened emperor in Veckans Aktie Portföljen for a long time. Attana did not do a bad week either, it went up by 12% during the week. But what good is it when the vaccine company Ziccum, which already before this week had a fine track record as Veckans Aktie, makes such a staggering journey with a full 35% increase in a single week. The change of throne is a fact and now we let the race begin!
Can there even be a challenger to the two up there? Time will tell!

This week’s rockets have been the aforementioned Ziccum, Attana, Lidds and Dicot. The rest have gone a bit sideways except for Front Ventures which had a bad closing day and closed at a low price, the investment company’s largest holding QuickBit had a good Friday so we can probably expect a lift when opening on Monday.

The portfolio as a whole took a real leap upwards by just over 5% and now an investment of SEK 90,000 has become almost SEK 102,000, we must once again remind you how difficult it actually is to maintain such a high average, our readers are magically good on this and we have everything to thank them for. The portfolio of +13.23% at yesterday’s closing. 8 out of 9 analyzes are on blue numbers!

Yesterday there was no Share of the Week, but it is booked for next week. We do not reveal which share it refers to, but it is Joakim Åberg (Ziccum, TerraNet, Dicot) who comes in with his fourth contribution. Joakim has proven several times that he has an enormous excellence in the companies he writes about, our readers are holding their breath waiting for the fourth analysis.

With that, the Editors wish our readers a really nice weekend, it seems to be high summer heat throughout the country!


Week 32
When the going gets tough….

… The tough gets going! It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a good percentage average return on the portfolio. The reason is that it is just average. This means that in order to maintain that development of about 7%, for example, either the week’s share must be on the same development on a trading day, or that the other shares have had an even better development. This week it was a real battleship that became this week’s share, Investor. Such companies rarely have such volatility as the shares in the smaller marketplaces can have. Investor rose on the first day by 0.68%, 8 of 9 shares have now risen during the first trading day, a fantastic track record for our reader analysts.

It’s starting to get annoying, but those who do not read Joakim Åberg’s analyzes are not in full use of their minds, or what about this? Place 2-4 with its three analyzes, TerraNet + 16.26%, Ziccum + 15.34% and Dicot + 6.53% . An average increase of 12.71%.
Absolutely crazy good and we at the editorial office are just waiting for what will come next time from Herr Åberg! It was precisely the shares that accounted for a nice rise last week, the rest went a little cancerous but held up perfectly ok.

Also, do not miss this week’s analysis of Investor, which according to the writer has not been so undervalued in its segment for a very long time. We think he may be right.

Over 8% development after nine weeks is extremely good and 90,000 invested kronor is now up to close to 100,000. We advise our readers to carefully read what our skilled reader analysts write, there is gold dust there.

Now we take a weekend and enjoy the promised heat record throughout the country.

/ The editorial staff at Finanstid with Mattias at the helm


Week 31
Let’s once again pay tribute to our reader analysts

Joakim Åberg comes in with his third analysis and what happens? Well, over 5% on the first trading day! Now it is only enough for a sixth place, but that is because everyone else is doing well at the same time. It is no secret that our readers have an incredible knowledge of the companies and that it pays to follow our section Veckans Aktie, the evidence is piled up.

The portfolio went up by about 2% for the week to 7.14 since the start and we will tell you why.

Front Ventures accounted for a nice pick-up of about 10% after a race at the end of the week, it is unclear what raised the price and turnover but it mumbles about any portfolio company that may have had some kind of breakthrough, fit this stock well, taking into account the net asset value it can be a real rocket.
Dicot had a really good week and after a tentative start, it has now stepped up to a third place in the portfolio, also an analysis of Joakim.
Otherwise, it was positive in most places in the portfolio, Corline went a little against the flow but under small volumes and marginal reduction.

Do you hang on to our analysts who have beaten the index several times since the start?

Finanstid wishes you readers a fantastic weekend and looks forward to a new week of success!


Week 30
The portfolio slightly upwards

This week’s share was absent during Friday. The reason is simply that we did not have any reader analysis ready to publish. This is what happens sometimes, especially during the summer.

The portfolio chewed upwards by about half a percent and that is positive, even though we had a significantly better figure in the middle of the week, but Attana fell back by about 10% on Friday, a well-deserved rest for our permanent emperor.

This week’s winner by analysts can still be considered Joakim Åberg who wrote both Ziccum and Dicot. Ziccum is fighting for second place after a great week and Dicot, who had a tough start, recovered its fall to + / 0 after being down over 12% last week.

Six out of seven shares in the portfolio are on blue numbers, it is certainly something to hold high!

Now we are having a weekend and hoping for an explosion upwards next week, triggers are not missing!


Week 29

The bright spots that were quite few this week for this week’s share stood for LIDDS AND not to forget this week’s share Ziccum which went up by as much as 4.76% on the first trading day and entered third place on the list immediately.

Otherwise, there were fairly small declines in the portfolio, Attana declined slightly but is still 55% up since analysis and unthreatened leader in the portfolio. Front Ventures and Dicot accounted for the largest cases, the former being a few shares that were sold at a weekly low just before closing.

Now we look forward to seeing what Ziccum can achieve next week after that taste start and take the opportunity to enjoy a great weekend.

The portfolio fell slightly but is still about 5% up in 6 weeks, which may be considered acceptable. More plus than minus, we make sure to continue with that!


Week 28

Attana went back home a bit after last week’s giant rally but more than 62% up is not bad either and it is as an unthreatened emperor on the list.

The climbers this week have been Medivir and Corline who both went north while Front Ventures and LIDDS went a bit cancerous with smaller movements both up and down.

Friday’s delivery of Veckans Aktie, we at Redaktionen think is well worth a read. Dicot has many triggers in the near future with tests of the drug that will challenge Viagra. A recently oversubscribed issue and option redemption means that the cash is secured well ahead and no one can fail to understand what a huge market the company would have in the event of a successful test result of a challenger to Viagra.
However, the share retreated almost 5% during the first trading day, which can be explained by the fact that a lot of new shares were released with a new issue and BTU redemption, which also generates a lot of sales. It is a gap that must be filled and large movements can be expected in the coming week both up and down.

The portfolio has been backing down with Attana for a while since last week, but is still at a safe 12% return in six weeks.

We at Redaktionen wish all our readers a fantastic weekend!


Week 27
Grand Slam!

We can only start with Attana, which now has a development of over 86% since Midsummer’s Eve. The stock has been a good bit higher and danced but backed down on Friday when the sales side became too large.

All medtech shares in the portfolio have had a really good development with gains of 4-6% since analysis. LIDDS, which was the only red on the list last week, took revenge last week and is now blue again.
The latest analysis from yesterday, Corline, had a really good first trading day and went up by almost 6%.

Now only our first analysis, Front Venture, which has fallen by 10% since analysis, must come again. It looks a lot with 10% back but it is under low turnover and roughly what the stock has looked like for a long time. The spread is far too large between buy / sell, which creates low trading and price movements also look a bit strange sometimes. Anyone who has read the analysis can easily see that the net asset value in this investment company far exceeds the market value, which should get the interest from investors.

The portfolio jumps up significantly, those who have backed Finanstid’s investment strategy have seen SEK 50,000 increase by 18.53% or SEK 9,266 in just over a month. Congratulations to you who did it!

Week 26

Attana! Despite the fact that it got a handicap when the day of analysis was not a trading day on the stock exchange (Midsummer’s Eve), this week it steps up just over 18% since analysis, powerful!
LIDDS went a bit cancerous and is the only one in the portfolio that is down a bit since analysis.
Front Venture recovered slightly in the last hours of Friday and is now back up by just over 3% since analysis.
As a new week’s share, we received Medivir from extremely well-read Hans Engblom, a very worthwhile analysis with a few triggers that make sense to keep track of. The stock got off to a very good start in the section with 3.4% up on the first trading day.

The portfolio is now blue again and with a message! With the help of Attana’s move, the total value of the portfolio is SEK 42,183 or +5.46%. It pays to hang on to our dedicated reader analysts.


Week 25

Both Front Ventures and LIDDS retreated during the week without clear reasons. LIDDS retreated back to the same price as in the analysis, while Front Ventures is just below the price in the analysis, all in all, the VA portfolio is minus 0.29%, which can be seen as still stable.
This week’s analysis at Attana AB is a really comprehensive and interesting variant written by Aktiepionjären. When it was released on Midsummer’s Eve, there was no stock market day to develop on, so we will simply see what happens next week.


Week 24

What an incredible starting week this section had! LIDDS already made 8.71% on the first day and Front Ventures was up to 2.90 SEK during the week but received a lot of beatings at the end of the week, after all over 5% increase since analysis. In total, Veckans Aktie’s portfolio makes 7.10% in the first week, which can be seen as a fantastically good result.

The editorial staff at Finanstid will update the graphics and design for the report before next weekend’s report.


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