The new player in tech investments – the business model in its entirety

Increasor’s ongoing new issue is the last activity prior to their planned IPO later this spring, and so far the issue has drawn great interest from the market. But what is the Increasor actually doing? Join us when we take a deep dive into the memorandum and get an explanation of why the company’s issue attracts so much attention!

Grow through acquisitions – That’s why you want to be listed

Increasor will grow through acquisitions, which means that it acquires other companies and pays for the acquisition by issuing new shares in the company. The method is very popular and companies such as Google and Schibsted are well-known masters at it. The reason why it is so important to be listed when using business technology is because there is a fixed value, which the market values ​​every day, on the company’s share. Since a listed share is a liquid asset unlike an unlisted share, trading becomes much easier to complete. This is the big difference and the biggest reason why Increasor has started a listing process.

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An attractive investment partner

What makes Increasor stand out from the crowd is that you want to work both modern and integrated with your partners. From ear to loaf is an expression that is frequently used, especially in sales – but also applies here. A startup in tech and the next Snapchat or TikTok are rarely developed by entrepreneurs, but by strong will and knowledge about the product. Increasor invests in the business concept in the form of development resources, marketing department to increase growth and finally plans for an exit over a 5 year period. Capital raised for the startup from business angels is used to increase growth in, for example, the app instead of spending the money on developing the product. Increasor wants to be unique in the market and therefore have both sales, marketing / IT development and branding / lawyers and corporate services under one roof.

Corporate Services – A coveted service

Through the wholly owned company Capeum, it helps clients to complete, for example, raising capital, recruiting key resources, marketing through, among other things, publications on Finanstid and targeted e-mails to the approximately 40,000 subscribers that Finanstid currently has. After a 2020 when IPOs were put on hold due to Covid-19, a great need for such services has built up. Right now, a sales organization is being recruited to significantly increase the company’s revenue, primarily in marketing. There is as much potential as possible in an agency that puts clients first, it’s just a matter of scaling up with staff to meet the need.

Modern web agency with innovative services

Through the marketing agency Sprattlevann, which today has project management in Sweden but the larger parts of the development units in India and Ukraine, among others, companies are developed with the help of data-driven and digitized systems. The latest is to use AI in lead generation. The model has so far been tested on a handful of customers with very successful results and the agency has high ambitions. The scalability is absolutely fantastic in such a system and it can be used in any industry. Together with VPZ, they are also developing a platform for so-called hybrid meetings, something that has become extremely relevant after the pandemic. In addition to solving traditional problems with digital solutions, Sprattlevann works to always achieve the best conversion and with smart marketing.

Increasing conversions and lowering costs is something the marketing agency has become experts at, which will also pave the way for future e-commerce portfolios. In addition to digital marketing and data-driven growth, the company also develops systems in fintech and legal tech.

Acquisitions with a focus on e-commerce – stable cash flow

One of the areas where Increasor sees the greatest potential for a positive cash flow is in e-commerce. The goal is to identify e-commerce that has reached a glass ceiling and that no longer manages to grow but needs that little extra push to get through the glass ceiling. By using synergies in both marketing and, for example, generic services and accounting, Increasor knows that it is possible to build a portfolio that creates large cash flows and is profitable in the long term. “We know that the hunt for cool tech startups is time consuming to find the right one, the important thing for us is to always have the revenue with us during the journey.” – Andreas Trouin, CEO, Increasor.

Please read the entire business plan in the memorandum that can be found here.


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