Increasor Tech Invest conducts IPO ahead of listing in April

In August 2020, they implemented a very successful ownership spread in the young company Increasor Tech Invest. Since then, the company has developed at a furious pace and now it is bringing forward the planned listing to April this year. To meet the requirements for a listing, an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is now being carried out, which will be the last opportunity to become a partner in Increasor. The issue opens on Tuesday morning. Link to the offer here.

Reinforcements prior to the listing
Increasor has spent much of the time since the ownership diversification activity during the late summer on building its organization. Among other things, a CSO has been hired, which can be read about at this link. Immediately after the activity, a board recruitment was also started, which resulted in close to 100 candidates applying and at the Extraordinary General Meeting on January 5 this year, as many as four new members were elected to the board. One of the co-founders, Mattias Ahlberg, will remain chairman of the board at the same time as Andreas Trouin will be the so-called external CEO. You can read about the new board here.

“Growing so fast”
Since the shareholder spread, Increasor has had an outstanding development and the PM has been dripping tight. A third subsidiary, Capeum, has been established as planned and the order backlog is being replenished at a rapid pace for services within Corporate Services. In IT development, several very potent collaborations have been initiated that are expected to generate returns during the second part of 2021. All press releases can be read at this link to Increasor’s newsroom.

Free subscription with subscription
Increasor has decided that with each subscribed share in the ongoing new share issue, the subscriber will receive a warrant that can be used for subscription at a discounted price in May 2022. The warrant is also planned to be listed so that it can be traded while the ordinary share is admitted to trading and thus becoming a liquid asset for those who subscribe for the current issue. Initially, the value of the option is 2 SEK.

Last opportunity to become a partner before listing

The new share issue is the last activity before the listing and thus the last opportunity to become a partner before the company’s shares are admitted to public trading. The process with the trading venue has begun and at present the listing plan for April 2021 is considered fully reasonable.

Increasor with staff welcomes existing and new shareholders on board and thanks for the trust.

Follow this link to get to the offer.