Adverty signs agreement with Verizon Media

Adverty, which is active in display advertising technology, has signed an agreement with the global media and technology company Verizon Media, which is a division of the American operator Verizon Communications. Adverty will be connected to Verizon Media’s sales side platform (SSP), enabling wider audiences to take advantage of the company’s advertising offering within gaming experiences. It appears from a press release.
Adverty is one of the recently analyzed shares included in Finanstids concept Veckans Aktie. The share had increased by 25% until Wednesday afternoon.

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According to Adverty, the customer houses a reliable ecosystem of premium brands and industry-leading technology platforms in the media.

“Through the integration of Advertising’s platform, Verizon Media’s broad spectrum of advertisers and target groups will have the opportunity to take part in Advertising’s seamless advertising space on a large scale,” writes Adverty.

At the same time, Adverty will benefit from the growing number of global marketers who want to advertise through games via Verizon Media Ad Platforms – a common platform on the buying side (DSP).

“We have seen a massive demand for advertising opportunities in the gaming industry. In-game advertising is still in its infancy, but will grow tremendously in the years to come – and this development is an important milestone for Advertising’s establishment in the sector “, says Advertising’s CEO and founder Niklas Bakos.


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